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Grill This!

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Low And Slow Cooked Pulled Pork


We Celibrate Cinco De Mayo the Grill This way! We discuss what Cinco De Mayo is actually about and Jim serves pulled pork shoulder that has been smoked for 14 hours. Also, We have a Modelo Mexican Cervesa and other craft beers...including one that surprises Jim!

It's time to take your grilling skills to the next level. We will take you from grill disaster to grill master. So grab your tongues, your aprons and your pike glasses. Get ready to grill this with Matt Wilson and Jim Salmon. Well, hi, they're matthew. That sound you here is my stomach growling and an unbelievable thirst. Oh when man, I am sure will be satisfied here momentarily, and grows every Wednesday. Jim, I come here starving and thirsty because we have so much good stuff here. It's ridiculous. It's great. You brought some Great Beers today, and today is a special holiday in parts of the world. Huh, it is? It's actually Seco the mile today. All right, all right, yeah, so obviously there's some misconceptions about the actual holiday of sequel the mile, even on my part. I actually thought it was Mexican Independence Day. It's not. It's not. So what is sick on the make? It celebrates Mexican military victory. I'm not sure you know which one, and you know they had. That was back in the day. That was a lot of them, right. But it's weird, though, that it's not celebrated in Mexico right nearly as much as it is here. Yeah, it's a big deal. You know, if you've ever gone out back, whatever thing was open, people would have tacos and have Margarita's and sitting on decident, you know, and when they're in some Breros and enjoying themselves. But I guess it's it's not that big of a deal in Mexico, is it? No, I think you know, the United States of America we operate on a kind of a different level. We operate on any excuse for a party type of it. And and so you know, we celebrate any person's any country right out, exactly right. It's a it's a win. Yeah, out in Los Angeles they host the world's largest Sinko to miles celebration. Course there's there's a lot of Spanish folks there. Absolutely right now. The southwest is right, you know, right into it, and you know you don't. We have not dove into a Margarita here on girl, but not. You have a Margary to maker. I do, I do, and and I love Margarite. I do too, Love Them. You know, you know, you it's as one of those things Tequila doesn't go along very well to run and run in a business. You know, so once, it's once in a while. Right. Yeah, good point. Now do you know? Do you like Tequila? Oh, I love it. You too, I love it. Now there is I go to Cosmo, Mexico, frequently. Okay, I have a family member has a place there. And when you get off the tourist grid, right, you get some good to Gi yeah, come on, now, do you? Now? I know there's some people say don't drink the water or some things there too, but do you go to the street vendors, theat like some of the street Tacos? Yeah, that's cruise ship alley down there, because, yeah, and and some of that food is wonderful. But I had some connections to get from the locals that get me to the places that the tourists don't usually go. Okay, where the good food is, right, and and the difference between the street food and the don't get me wrong, some of the street foods really good. Yet the difference between that and and where the Mexican folks nowhere to take eat this? Yeah, big difference. Yeah, you always want to go over the locals. Yeah, that's that's kind of do. So we have a lot of beers to try today. I'll look at the table we are and a pitch myself. And also there's a there's a smell in the end in the studio. Jim, I think you did it again. Would you bring today only for you, man ha ha. I know that you are and grew up with pulled pork. I did that. You are just old pork efficient, that's yes, and so I cooked a pork butt. I cooked it for about fourteen hours. See, that's a win right there, and I'll explain. We'll get into an explain whole thing. And this particular one is marinated in Pepper Chini juice and cut up pepper Chini's okay, as opposed to have an arrows or what's the other one there? Helapine, hell spenios where I am, and I've done it. I've done it with a helipinos. I loved it. I never did it with Peppercini yet, but well, we'll see. Dive into that and I make this special rub to put on it and it cook for fourteen hours. So we will. I in in the container here when we're eating it in front of people, which is on a roade, on a whole bunch of level. There is there's the sweet meat, yeah, there's the money muscle, there's and then there's bark. Yes, so you mix you mix it all together. There's a dish in the drool for my mouth right nowledge them. So some extra sweet baby raised if you want. Okay, there's Horse Fadsh here. And then I you told me this was a tradition in the south and I didn't know this.

I pile homemade coast law, yes, on top of the pulled pork and then the Bun. That's a big deal in the south and this is why pulled pork is so big. To be so. So we're planning to go on to King Street and you're going to see the amazing versions of their pulled pork. Don't even call it pulled pork, I just call it barbecue, because that's that is barbecue. That's the word that says pulled exactly. Thank cool. And Yeah, it's one of those things were family members have made it for traditional like lengths of time and you already are on the positive side, because rule number one is it's got to be smoked for at least ten hours. Yeah, so you went beyond ten hours. So you're already on the right side. And actually I pulled about half of it here for Grill, this is today, and the rest of it went back on. All right, so I'm just gonna it's sitting right now. Instead of cooking it on its own, sitting on the grill gray right in the pellet grill, I put it in one of those foil containers because I wanted the juice to stay in there. I wanted it to marinate. Yes, and so now you're not gonna hurt my feelings if you have. Well, you know, like I'm gonna be honest about poor pork. All Right, okay, before we do any of that, let's celebrate sequel to Maya. All right. So what do we have? First off, so the very first so we have a I always bet to bring a variety differ kind of beers from all over the place. Right, we're going to because in honor of Sinque, to Mya, we're going to start off with a traditional Mexican beer. This is Modello, Servesa Modello. It is a black, medium bodied lagger with slow roasted Caramel malts brood for a rich, smooth taste. Gosh, you know, I don't know if I've ever had that. I when I go to Mexico, I have servasis superior, yeah, which is a more of a traditional beer, but this is got a dark tint to it. So it does it does you got me? Yeah, I usually go with Takat. We're okay, some Mexican beer with the actually salt the top of it and you drink it. So, yeah, so this is I've had friends at that swear by this beer, though. Okay, all right, so we're going to try it, Jim. All right, so I'm going to pour real quick, Matt. Matt Pours into the official grill this cooking were and drinking glasses that we have here. All right, so for a soul, for a lagger. That's dark. Yeah, right, most most loggers you can see right through. You have a tough time scene through that. You given me that with that that was yours. There's like please, kicked you. Can you get it closer to me, please? And he's pouring one for himself and and we have another one here too. It's not open yet. No, it spends on how we like it. If we like it, that will get open up. We don't, then this will be it. All Right, Matt, you're the you're the expert on this. Where we go? Matt's trying to tipping it up. There it goes down. The law on his face is I'm analyzing this. Yes, so for a logger it's good. Okay, the the taste of the lagger is not strong at all. There's not really a strong taste. Now you got to remember, as you were talking about your vacations, when you go to Mexico, it's a very tropical type place. So you're going to want to a crisp, clean, flavored alcoholic beverage. You don't want to be that's going to sit heavy. So this definitely sits. Yeah, exactly, he's I'll look at a gym now. We give you the that it's a very light tasting beer. Yeah, I like this, and I do too. This goes with eighty five degrees temp exactly, and knows, beautiful Caribbean wins right, comes through right exactly. Yeah, I like. Yeah, I don't. What's the alcohol on this? I see it's probably it's probably going to be right around five, I'm assuming, because this is this is five point four. Okay, YEP, most loggers and pillsers, you're going to find are going to sit aroun around five, five and a half. All right, well, happy SINCO, demile my body. You'd too. Absolutely. Now, along with that, down in Mexico they have mob Publano, Yep, which is there's a hundred different ways of preparing that, yes, and and many different ingredients. The main ones Chili, peppers, chocolate, plankton, almonds, pumpkin seed, cinnamon sticks, annus and clothes. Sound like an interesting combination. Yeah, well, you and I eat anything. Doesn't come on, then Chelope's. Everybody knows what that is. Those are great nose, dry stick torteas tossed with Sau Sun, shredded meat, chopped onions and sometimes Queso. Yeah, Quais Quayo. FRESCO, I assume that's cheese. Right, taste, fresco, that is cheese. It correct. Right. And what's that last one? That's US Chili's Nagata. I think it's Lagatta, and it's it's it says that it's normally made for Mexico's Independence Day, but it's one of Puabel's most cheerish dishes. Is made of the colors of the Mexican flag, which are red, white and green, and it's a sweet savory Pika dello stuff, Bablamo pepper, which I like, dipped an egg batter, fried and topped with a rich walnut sauce, pomegranate seeds and Parsley. Wow. There is a local family here, a Mexican family..., that works on one of the farms near us, and the wife makes these homemade everything's HMM. She's a wonderful cook and I'm always called my buddy and saying you think she could make some of those? The ones are wrapped at a corn stock. Oh, those are Tamali tow yeah, I love, I love to me. She makes two kinds, blazing hot and normal. Yeah, and you kind of have the blazing said, I know you. You probably go over the blazing hot. So good, absolutely so well, happy Mexican Military Victory Day. That was single to mild to our friends down there and south of the board, absolutely up and celebration. You know, anytime you can, any holiday were the celebration requires eating and drinking, I'm going to support it. That's why you and I connected exactly on a much other levels too, but you know, it's pretty cool. So we have. I started out with a pulled pork a pork. But basically, and I was try to buy a decent one. Okay, you know, I paid about twenty bucks for it. Now, did you get this from big box or did you go to your local? I got it at the local place where I was get everything. It's taking away the market and they have a meat department of real butcher somebody you can communicate with and and it's just wondering. Yeah, by the way, I am I'm going to be going take a door and stop for my daughter's graduation party. So we're going to have them take care of it force as well. So excellent, excellent choice, by the way, that everybody that has that done by chef Joe, they just swear. We were excited. So Anyway, I got a nice pork butt there and I took him home and I'd just carded it a little bit. Okay, you know, thousand little holes, or sixteen times for and you know a lot of good to math, as we all know. And you poked a whole bunch of holes in there and flip it around and I trimmed some of the fat off, okay, although not all of it, because we want it that way. Rendering, Yep, and and then I hit it with Pepperccini juice out of the bottle and cut up of some pepper Chinese and spread it all over the top. Okay, and then I made my rub. The RUB was a quarter of a cup of brown sugar, okay, a quarter of a couple of apple juice, okays, greater pork, yeah, some barbecue sauce, some sweet baby rays, okay, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, the good salt, the core salty and and some white pepper and some regular pepper. You stir it all, all the Greens I like, by the way, Nolt, that's all we'll see. And any make a paste out of it and then I smear down all over the top and put it in the pellet grill. Okay, at two ten, and I put it on last last night around seven o'clock. I cooked it for fourteen hours and then I've kept it warm for Grillo. So you know, when we decide we're probably going to need one more beer before the yeah, yeah, but I could hear you saw them too, because it so so good. It's I did taste it a little bit while I was pulling it. It's pretty darn good. Okay, just kidding. You. But yeah, so, will I got some fresh rolls, because the rolls you often times to make good deal? Yes, absolutely, yeah, those cheap little rolls that kind of mess with things up alow. Yeah, yeah, so, and we have, like we said, we have a cold slotted dump on top. I have some extra barbecue sauce if you want that, and some horseway horse traddish and salt and pepper, so everybody can can dive in and when we when we non this, there might be dead. are here for bout time and we apologize that, Evans. So, yeah, no, you. So. You've got to know me over the years and you know my tastes and meats, except I've eaten a lot in front of you now. So you know the cat. You know what I look for when it comes to flavor and meet. So I've excited because I got, as I we I'm reiterate, pulled pork haps be one of my favorites in Carolina. As you are going to learn, there is a difference between how they do pulled pork there and here. Okay, now here. Traditionally pulled pork is done. Usually was a pork, but pork shoulder. Okay, as usually what's used to make pulled pork the way they do it in the south. It's whole hog. Okay, so they cook the entire hog and they use those little meat some would have at the whole hog. So you will have a unique experience because you'll have flavors from every angle of the of the meat. Plus you'll have some crispy pork skin thrown in there as well. Who I now my favorite parts of the whole hog when we're doing a pig rows. Yeah, I really like to cheek me. All right, you're a smart man. Yes, and most people don't have any idea that. That's that's that's like the the holy grail. But every once in a while there's a guy or gal standing there and just waiting. Said, can I have a little of that? Yeah, and of course the the loined yeah, of course, yes, oh my gosh.

And and if it's done right, there's four different Hams there. Yeah, all right, into that, you know. So, Oh gosh. And and when you're cooking that, you put that tray underneath it. When that starts to round, my challows juice. Yes, so I can't wait to get down there and taste that too. So, so, people who have been listened to. Girl. Just know this that both of you and I, we are fans of stouts, porters, Darker Beers. I also do like I paid you, not a huge IPA guy, but we both like sours IPAs. You either love them or you hate them. Usually right, I will say, usually like this is great or I'll going to give us to my friends. There was one IPA that you brought in here that I forget exactly which one it was, but it was awesome. So yes, I can be converted. So there's two. I have two beers that I brought. I see that you brought one that we're going to talk about in a minute too. Right, I brought two beers, one from one of our favorite brewers, obvious stone yards done. Yeah, man, they make some of we have it on look at the shelf. We have the last vanilla crew, the vanilla ice cream. One custard that we had, which was amazing. It like an ice cream store in a keg. Yep, it was one amazing. So I was at the store, doing my shopping at one of the local stores here and I saw strawberries and cream custard ale there. I didn't I didn't see it anywhere else I was. I be you know me. If I see it and I don't and I know it's a rare one, I'll just buy it, because if you didn't and went back next week, it might not might be exactly. Yeah, stole yours known for doing that, making these really special, like just at this time of making this, and it's and once it's gone, is just gone. Right, so I grabbed a four pack of that. So I brought that in for us to try. You're sharing it with here, such a great guy, and and we're gonna try some first, all right, and I have an IPA, which we're going to wait till later because I want to try all this first, right, and at the end we have an IPA were I think we're going to be close to the one that you liked really okay, all right, oh, I can't wait. Yeah, well, I can wait because it's food. Come exactly. So before we're going to jump into the strawberries and cream, they're goln't try that pork, I think. So here it goes. We love this sound. Here it is. Oh yeah, there's a fresh glass for you. There just smells amazing. Does it really does? Well, my Gosh, yeah, what's the what's the rating on that one? Let's see what I think. This one was at a six, but let me be the will check it now that as he pours that out, it's like get that, get that a with just like strawberry. That's see, oh it is. The smell just like strawberries and cream. I'm not kidding. Wow, stone yard brewing companycom yeah, hits it out of the park and I haven't even tasted it. The smells that are wediculous. So it's six point five. Okay, all right, here we go. I'll let Jim, Jim be the first taster. Oh, that's awesome. That okay. Where do I start? It has the the custard smoothness, if you will. Okay, you know how you know that feeling, the difference between hard ice cream and custard. Right, yeah, that's that's plaust's exactly what it says on the CAN. Strawberries and cream. Man, that's a hell of beer right there. Wow, HMM, wow, again, that good. This is ridiculous, stone, you're hitting it out of the park. So on your scale with this, be one that you bowied by this in a second. Yeah, in fact, yeah, you probably got the last for bad. Yeah, I'll have to check that out. Yeah, definitely, that's how that's amazing. It's amazing. HMM. Now it's not dark. It's kind of actually has a color almost of a strawberry. It's almost like a pinkish yeah, that color, Yep, and it's it's very complex. Yeah, but you for a beer now, absolutely for strawberryes and cream. That's in front of you and you eat it and that's it. Right. But this is really, really a good beer. It's a very complex taste and when you taste it you can taste the smoothness of the ice cream, the strawberries and the cream. All three of those come way out on this. I'm telling you that that's got to be one of our top yeah, brewery, I agree. They I definitely agree with that. Yeah, so that's that's now. I know why some of these things are rare. But yes, once people have have this, they go back there and they get the rest of my whole store right exactly. I'M gonna have to reach out to the sprew to go over there. Well, maybe we need to get them in here to devolve some secrets on how all this take place. That I have no how do you make...

...something like this? That's interesting. I don't know the answer to that. Is it cream? Is it ground up strawberries that they write? It be really cool to find asolutely. Of course, maybe there's a little bit of garden arrest. I'm pretty sure that. Yeah, everyone else prised. Try to make this. So now I'm going to ask you which one did you like? Bird, the vanilla or the strawberry? The strawberry. Yep, me too. I have to agree with you. Yeah, absolutely, that's a fine beer right there. Yep, and and it. There are people that don't like the harshness of, you know, the IPAs in the here, true happy stuff and and I don't want to break it down between men and women, but sometimes it seems to me that we're this is women like sweeter than than we're not nothing, not to be in judgment, but this is just honest. If you were to take a a tally or pole, this is these would be facts. Women tend to go for more of a sweet, almost like a fruity type of drink. Were men tend to like the harshness of beverages that they like. They want a little bite to that, to the truth of Bait. That they have. It's kind of like women are sweeter anyway. So it's all good, but I think that there are a lot of people I know would love that beer. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I have this is gonna sell out problem here. Yeah, absolutely, all right. This is a this was the time of the show that I really enjoy watching Matt because he's one of these people that rarely is there anything but a smile on his face unless he's get this picture taken. Yeah, I don't know what I started. Never forget that. Just real quick, I gotta tell the story. What so, as you know, I'm the producer of the holy per clinic on setters and Sundays on news rader when I'm loving eighty, and you know, Jim's away for about two years now, but a little longer that maybe, and we were, you know, just beginning to become friends and I posted this picture excited. I had this job where I was doing like a I was Djing on a on one of the station's there, and I don't know what it was. It was Jim, but this picture came out. I looked relatively angry for some reason. I don't know what's so funny. So you printed it out and you're put it on the computer that I use for this show and I walked it. I saw myself giving me a bad look and was so funny. Well, everybody has their days, but you know it's that's a typical for your personality. Well, you're not like, no, I mean you're just you have a smile all the time, and I go, boy, you must been having a bad day. Gotta see this right. So it was pretty funny. So anyway, all right, I'm going to fold this pulled pork absolute and you can do the honors first. Here's now I see Pincher, I see the bark on top, and that makes me excited immediately. There you go. Okay, so I'm going to I'm just up away for a second here. So Matt is is taken. He has a Nice Bun there on his plate and he's putting a pulled pork on the on the Bun. This is this is the fun part. There's a couple of pepper CHAINI's. I noticed that he's grabbing and putting on there too, because he likes Matt like spice. He he likes a lot of spice, you know, not to the point where burns coming in and Burns going out, but you know it's very spicy. It works for for both of us and that's probably why, you know, we have this food connection that brought us to do this podcast, girl list, which, by the way, you can get anywhere. I heart spotify, wherever you get your podcast. You know we'd be on her if you'd follow it or whatever you need to do. I'm not much of a technical so I'm grabbing the coal saw. I think what I'm going to do first is maybe put a little bit of sweet babies on top before but the coal slain. Okay, all right, sweet baby rays coming up that. That seems to be one of my go to barbecues sauces. This one is the brown sugar version. It's it got a little spice to it, but nowhere near uncomfortable. And I have some people in my family that just you know, they'll they'll get all upset with me and and try to hire a hit man to get rid of me if I's too spicy. So I out of respect, you know, for well, my wife. I I don't get it too hot, but she seems to be able to tolerate sweet baby rays. Our families are very similar because I'm the only person in my house that likes it spicy. Really, no one else wants my mother. My mother does, but she's old. They shows in our own house, but in my house I'm the only one that likes a spicy can you tell me, though, one of your girls, my daughter, my daughter treated? Yes, yeah, all right, all right, Yep, all right. So he's loading up the coal slaw on top and we'll see if they go. We'll see if he goes to the PUL DABS. Oh, yeah, you know, it's already been paid format, so help yourself. And Yeah's see, get that over here. Yeah, Cole Slaw,...

...come in my way and there's horse fash there and salt and pepper. Mat's putting a little pepper on there. This is a pulled pork sandwich, folks, and homemade right here to salmon ranch, cooked fourteen hours. I grabbed a hold of it. It's bone in and I grabbed a hold of the bone and the bone just pulled right out of the Pan I had it in and I put a Dab of horse radish again for a little extra kick. That particular horse radish is hot. That's a hot version. And so now he's he's put okay, squishing it down with the bun top, and there's the pulled pork Sam. All Right, here we go. And and this is I'm a little nervous right now because this man knows his pulled pork. I got to put a drum roll in our pot. There we go. All Right, here we go. Let me know what you think. I love the bark. I always put the bark on top and and you know you mixed a good soft money part in there. But Hmm, what do you think? You can't talk yet. It's great. HMM. So I've been to a lot of local restaurants right and I'm eating a lout of a lot of pulled pork in my life because you that's your goat the front. I don't. Let's try it and it's either a winner or loser immediately when I'm at that restaurant. I would eat this sandwich eighteen times any restaurant. Wow. But you know what it is, Jim, because I think you understand it's very well. Is the importance of the bark. MMM, a lot of times you got like so you ever have? I'm sure you have pulled pork made in a crock pot. Yeah, right, what goes? No, it's nothing wrong with it. It comes out juicy, really good, but usually you lose that bark. You can't really get that bark and it's too soft. Right, right, this is the way you do it. You got a little about that bark with a little bit of crust and Crispius on it and then the juiciness of the meat and the flavors I've soaked into the meat. This is a tear welling in my eye. Well, now I'm my nerves are gone, so all good. It's just the lushes. You know. One of the things, though, people listening to this that have never ever clicked up park button their whole life. It's not that hard. You could do it in the oven if you had to. Gon and and you can come up with just as much bark in the oven. Is You as you would? You don't get that smoke taste which this has, and to me that's important. No, I like it in the oven. Hmm, I'm actually I've I've done the oven before too, but you're right. I put you can buy a liquid smoke. You can buy that stuff that they make it the stores. You can. You can soak it in some liquid smoke and it gives you an artificial smoke taste. Right, so there's a smoke taste to it, but it's artificial, that natural real smoke taste. It's IT'S A it's a game changer. Gosh, that's a pretty good it's really good. Of course I tested it before and now I know it was. But I'm so sorry that people listen can't actually taste what we're doing it. It's so good. Now I debated, HMM, and you know the first rule of broadcasting is don't chill when you're eating. But everybody'll get over and I'm sure I debated whether to cook it in one of the ceramic grills or do the pellet grow. And when I cooked my brisket I went through a whole bag of pellets. I had one bag. Yeah, so I thought, well, wait a minute, I'm going to run this at two and ten, so it's going to last a long time, right. So it didn't even go through a whole bag. This is the definition of low and slow right here. So the bit sandwich is almost all. Were already almost already all the way gotten. So HMM HM, well, one thing is no matter what happens to you and I in the next twenty years, we eat well. We very well. Yeah, last good, well, good day so far. A fantastic beer and a great sandwich. I'm in a very good mood right now. MMM HMM, dead air. I know that's not good. We're sorry, we're showering down. MMM. So I do have a question about the pulled pork. So I know we talked about that. We've actually done this. We talk about on one of our previous podcast about you like to let the meat set out and and and warm up a little bit, take on the the fridge and right kind of gets room temperature right now. Do you season the meat right before you put it on the grill or do you season it like hours prior to do that's actually a good question. This I let this sit out for two hours...

...maybe before I got it so it was almost room temperature and and then I work it all. I don't usually season it while it's cold. I don't really know if that helps, but but that's how I've always done it. Now, if I'm going to marinate something, that's another home mass. Sure, sure, that'll be in the refrigerator. That get could be whenever the recipe says marinate for two hours or overnight, it's always overnight, right, because you want the biggest taste for your butt, right. So so I look. You know I don't and I agree with you. I don't know if it does make a difference, but in my mind, in my head, it always seems that once the meat is that room temperature, the season you can penetrate the meat better. HMM, then if it's cold. So I tend to wait. So I use you will bring the meat out first, let's sit there for a little bit and then I will season it so the to give it a better penetrating factor with the seasoning. I think that makes sense. I think that makes sense. That's the best way to do it. But if you've never cooked a pork butt before, you go out and you buy some really nice hard rolls, right, you buy some really nice barbecue sauce, get a little jar of Horse Eranish, some salt, some have our good crap beer, Yep, and you you can season your pork butt with no less than one thousand different things. If you go online, you can mix up a paste like I used, of brown sugar and some barbecue sauce and some apple juice. and Oh, I also every once in a while, overnight, I would get up and go out there and spray it down with apple juice. So that's how. That's great, that that actually, rather than moistening things more, it actually contributes to a better bark. Yeah, yeah, because that apple juice and the sugar right, also from that. Yep, that right now, now, that's that's and also that. It's just I think everyone knows how well apple, the flavor of Apple, goes with pork. Right, and I will use apple juice or apple cider or apple side of vinegar, all those things I usually use when I incorporate cooking with pork, just because it just has a just goes and blend so well with it. Right, right. Well, I had fun cooking this and it was a lot of fun and the result is fantastic. Don't be afraid to fail, because even if you just cooked a pork butt, just cooked it without any seasoning or anything, I'm here. You can always when you pull it and pulling. For those of you that don't know what it is, he we have these little clothings, your little plastic or metal I have three or four different. That's some and you just pull a meat apart, so shreds, right exactly. But you that at that point, when you're doing that, you can add in your stuff if you want very good, poor naked, as salty as you want or as peppery as you want. Sometimes, you know, I'm a pepper guy. I'll take some of that butcher blend pepper, which is the bigger stuff. That's just pound it. Yeah, and you bite into it and it's like wow, and pepper stick. or or you can just add barbecue. I mean a hundred ways of do yeah, no, there's nothing wrong with adding stuff afterwards because the juices from the pork will season to meet itself. Yeah, you know. So that's a very good point. If if you're not sure what you want to do with it, it'spill a little salt and pepper on it and let it cook and after that you you can figure out what you want to do. Well, this was a normal roll, about four Inchin Diam and I've never seen a person eating with two bites. It's completely gone. Well, there's plenty of there about it. So good. It's so good now when you go to a like a barbecue festival or something, and you know, there's a bunch of places out there. Do what you go for as pop work. I do. Yeah, the too, the two things that this is so this is me. Now, I know everyone's everyone's different. In my opinion, the way to find out if someone cooks pork well, because, again, if you're not, if you're not a cook. I may be coming off a little harsh, but this is how this is how I feel. I think anyone can do a pork chop. I don't think that's too difficult. I think the two things that are hard to do, that are that that are that will meet my standards are pulled pork and ribs. Okay, so those are the two parts of the pig that I that I tried. It's pull you can do a pork roast. That's not that hard. Just put in the oven and put it a certain temperature. Let's sit there for a while. It's really easy to do. But pulled pork because you have to like like you were just talking about, you kind of have to baby you gotta do you got to keep putting things on it and talk to it. Talk to it, yeah, exactly, absolutely, and rips to you kind of get you got to keep. You keep it wet and marinated and and and the pepper is got to be perfect for that to come out the way. Because you because you want bark and you but you want it to be soft and moist. You don't want it to be just one or just the others. Got To be accommodation at both. Now, if you're you want to cook a pulled pork and you've never done one before, the best thing you can do for yourself is to either buy a grill that has a probe that, yeah, been ext to the huge, or go out and buy thermometer right and and what you're what I have... is I put the probe in there so I can constantly tell the temperature of whatever I'm cooking without having to open the lid. That tell can you tell the listeners why opening the LID is such a bad idea, because it just sends cold air in there and all of a sudden your temperatures mess exactly and then it has to recover and whatever. I mean. You're this. This particular pulled pork I cooked at two hundred and ten for fourteen hours. But but I wanted to make sure I was looking for one hundred and ninety five internal temper right, right now. Normally, you know, grilled this starts at a certain time and I had to have it ready for that or I would'll let it rest for an hour. Sure, so this got pulled and then pulled and and it's good, but it might have been just a hair more moist as the juice is rendered. That really good, though, but it is, yeah, just good. But the point is, go out and buy one of those probes. You can get a decent one that has a little remoter, even talks to your phone. Sure, for thirty nine bucks, and that allows you to control the temperature what you're doing. Yeah, I was looking for one hundred and ninety five internal. If I was doing a brisket, I'd be looking for to D and Ten ribs, little tough to those are her prow in the rib. It's tough, but we have to cut one off and eat it. Yeah, right, that's how it works. So so that was so much fun cooking. Do you do you think that's I know a lot of people. I know a lot of people who grill and don't use any type of temperature gage whatsoever. Right, do you think that's a respe for failure, unless you know what's your prob right time wise, sure, but it's more fun because I know where I am. There you go. I had to get up last night in the middle of the night to come down here and find out where I was and, let's you know, I needed another thirty degrees to go and I thought, well, okay, I'll just top off the palets and write and go back to bed. Right. But that's a fun part of this pelt grow this Louisiana lge, one thousand hundred black labeled pelt girls, an awesome piece of yeah, yeah, and they're not they're not that expensive. It's beautiful. So, anyway, I had a lot of fun cooking it and it always makes me feel good when you'd bite into something and you say and you don't say yeah, exactly. Yeah, you know when you messed up, you try to play it off, especially if people are watching you. How's it? Yeah, that's all right. Yeah, now you you were excited this week because apparently you ordered some new gold belly. All right, I did. Now the funny thing is we're talking a lot about Carolina here, and I'm gonna do all lot because we're we have plans to go to King Street in October. Tip to go ahead and do a real this podcast and also a Homa Pero clinic start too, or reper clinics out there as well. Live Life Right, which is going to be a blast. I can't I can't wait. So, in order to prepare ourselves for this, I'm thinking about ordering a lot of stuff from the Carolina's just so we can get get incorporated with the flavors of Carolina, get me tempted. Exactly, excellent. So, you know, I I've been hanging around with you, you too much, because now I'm I'm going bigger than I should with things. So instead of buying a rack or two, I bought four recks of ribs, really all right, from ut from a from a award winning restaurant and North Carolina. Now are they cooked? They are there. They're cooked and meet they're going to be in a cryopack. So, okay, if you remember how we did with the with ther dournends, yeah, Yep, we're going to put them in some in some hot water and it's like it kind of loosen it up that way and they're going to try it. Be Great, so much fun. Right. Well, that's wonderful. I can't the mayor and the great people down in King Street, South Carolina reached out to us and they have a place for us to do our broadcast. Are gonna put a table out on the you know, the walkway there in the middle of the festival and will do grill this live King Street, picking the festival South Carolina Talk With some of the folks out there. Yeah, they'll be so much fun get to meet some of the actual competitors. And Yeah, there's well, norm under normal circumstances there's like a hundred cooking team. Usually there is Yep, and this year they weren't sure exactly how many people are going to sign up. Probably be a little less, but still the food that does get created, I don't care if it's fifteen teams are ninety, it'll be wonderful. So good time, which you got to do, Jim as, you got to work for your magic. See if we can. We can judge one of those now that way. Oh my gosh, this is an official I believe it's the Kansas City Barbecue Association. Yes, you're absolutely correct, which I took a course with and was able to judge a competition here in Rochester, New York, if also a few years ago,...

...and it was wonderful and I learned. I learned how to do that and we are going to have no matter what it takes, we're going to do that here. We're going to have our own barbecue competition right here to Salmon Rae old man coming right up. Yeah, more to come on that. Looking forward to that. So now, Matt, yeah, I know we're getting low in the beverages. So I'm trying to think. If I want to know, I'm gonna we're going to wait to try that IPA. We're going to go out to that, to what you got on the table for see. Let's let's this is an example. The Beer I have in front of me right now is called Monty Pythons, holy Grail, amber al tempered over burning witches. Okay, now I can't see if I can find the black sheep brewery main street St John, Canada. So this is this is a Canadian beer. Yeah, imported exclusively by Eurobrewer ink of Ashland, Maine. Okay, so black sheep brewery DOT CO DOT UK. So this has some international competent. It's been around the world. Yeah, and or aerobrewery, erobrewscom. So it also says at the top your mother has a has a hamster and your father smelt like elderberry's. Okay, so I suppose that's money. Python Talk Right. Yes, have you ever seen any of the money? Yeah, they're pretty funny. Yeah, it's pretty funny. I'm you know, I couldn't really describe here on a family podcast my favorite episode. Yeah, but I think this is and we can try it here if you want. I think this is an example of the outside of the CAN is more entertainment maybe than the beer. I think you might be right. So what we're going to do, Jim, just to be safe, as we open one of them, all right, yeah, you could, you can, you could do the others, because I get to make this. There we go. All Right, folks, that was a good one. Yeah, that was a double delay. My student mess a little popular. All Right, I'll pour myself a little down. I got poured two months Oh. Yeah, we're just going to give this out right area, don't you are? Will pour that into Mat's glass. All right, look like a typical like a loggery type thing. Yes, it's a little, a little dark, but not dark yeah, just a Tabitt. Yeah, let's try and see. I think we nailed the extent. You know, this is this is something you could yeah, you could get this anywhere. Right. Yeah, this is not. There's no, there's nothing special. I'm not trying to no disrespect to the company, but well, go too far. Yeah, it's entertaining. It's, yes, an entertaining and a beer. Well, yeah, anything that says your mother has a hamster and your father smelt like a that's so, it's funny. It's it tastes the Tis like a beer. Yeah, yeah, it's nothing special. Yeah, you know, it's not grocery thing. No, it's not horrible, but it's not. You know, we're we're in search of perfection here. That's the see, this is the thing on our podcast. We look, we're trying to get the cream of the crop, and I don't think this would be the cream of the crop. Agree. Yeah, this might be. I don't know. If I had a couple more of these pulled pork sandwiches, maybe of DIS little to wash it down. So will be fine. Absolutely, that's great. Well, that isn't a beer that I would run out and by other than the entertainment value. That came to the table for girl us. Yeah, that you know. Well, you know what, maybe I'll take up a couple photos of the beer, because it is it is pretty, it's pretty entertaining, it's cool, it's it looks cool. So, but now I think it's time. Okay, I'll go along with that. And one more comment on this one. You can take that one home with you. I'll put it on the shelf to be looked at for a little maybe one of my people who visit I might look on. Yeah, Hey, what do you think of this? Exactly, but now it's time. So a drum roll play. Oh wait, yeah, I've worked next episode we'll have a drum. So my goal, my goal on this show, is the like. You like things that you don't normally like, right, right, which I love. Yeah, I which which you are up to the challenge. You sold. You told me that you're cool with that solutely. So I know again, we both there's a certain kinds of beers that we both are accustomed to having on a normal basis, but the ones that we like, and we both like stouts, we both like sours, depending on the kind of Sour we like those IPAs. I'm kind of a fan of I'm not a huge fan of like I'm kind of a fan of the you're not really that much of a fan right now. I did...

...get you with one IPA, one you did. It was a double. I think it was a double and it wasn't double. Yeah, and it was. It was wonderful. I would buy that beer. Yep. So I always I try a bunch of IPAS, maybe, maybe once a week or so, just to get, just to try one outside of real this, just to figure out if I want to bring it to the table or not. That's what we call show, prepare, yeah, grill this. Yeah, you could tell John which about that too. Yes, so I've had a few misses, a few that I've actually poured out. I won't even to tell you what those are. Very the ones where you drink them and you you just make that bitter face. Yeah, I didn't want to bring any of those and then I stumbled upon this one, okay, and I had it and I want to make sure that I was right. I have my wife tried and she's like, this is one of the best ipeas I've had. I'm really okay. So it's I wanted to bring this one to the table. I have two candid Beau. I'm so confident you're going to want the entire can. Okay, all right, well there. Yeah, there aren't many of them that I don't want the entire can. But you know whatever, after all, this is America and long as you don't drive your good so so good. This, this particular beer, is called rising storm Brunets from rising storm brewing company. Now, rising storm made that sour that we love. When Kelly go for was right, that's where I from. Okay, and this is a six Oh alcohol by volume, and it is a sour, India Pale Ale, with mango, guava, coconut and milk sugar. Yes, Oh, wow, okay, all right. Now, was this a beer that came with your beer drop or was this? Well, this is one. Just like I was doing my grocery shopping, okay, and I the same time I bought this one. I was like Whoa, all right, I'm gonna check that out, chok it out. You know, my lifestyle can be expensive sometimes, but well, this podcast, that stuff is text here. Are All right, Matt's going to open his first. You got hit with tool. Nice job, a whammy right there. On, girl, this Oh, this pours like like a Sour Yep, I mean it is. It does, and it has a kind of the color of maybe a darker pineapple almost. Yes, very, very good description. I was I would agree with that. And it has a has a good head. It does, which is something you know. I want a nice, nice had there. So I already know all this taste. So I want you to be the first one here we go. See if it see if I knocked this one out of the park. Wow, yeah, well, I's the only way to describe it. That's a wonderful beer. Yeah, let's see if we can break this down now. Not much coconut, because I was worried about that. You can got this, just just just it which gave it. But I do taste a lot of mango and guava in here, Yep. And it's not hoppy. No, not at all. This is a great beer. You know well, because we ask a tough question. So you remember how much that cost, roughly. So if you're looking to not spend money on beer, it's probably not one of them. This one is roughly eighteen hours or four pack. Okay, yeah, right, so you're almost five bucks a yeah, yeah, four hundred and fifty or whatever exactly for bottle. Right. Well, I'm going to enjoy. Well, I just took a SIP and that was thirty five cents worth. So so honest, is good it. Would you buy this on in a second? Yeah, I will absolutely do that. Yep, again, this has little bit of sweet and it looks like the color of Guavas and manges, doesn't it looks like fruit juice and you're glad it does. And and the coconut is not overpowering, but they're just enough to give it that that really cool taste. And it's not too sour either. It's it's really good. I was I was shocked by the flavor on this one. It has a it has a thickness to it. Also, it's doesn't it to it, and it's not like, I guess the best way to describe it as when you buy orange juice, you have the pulp, little pulp, no pulp, lots of pop. Right, this doesn't have any pulp, but it feels like there's a lot of all. Yeah, you know how like a wail out in the ocean, they eight thousands of Krill. Yeah, and and it's really, really good. So as far as IPA is goes as one of one of your best ones. You know what, this does not taste like an IP does not at all. Yeah, this is a wonderful bill. Rising Storm Brewing Company. Yep, now we're let's see, we know all this. I think they're in. I think they're in Buffalo. I have to double check that, though. Yeah, that's you know how we are here. Yeah, Rising Storm Brewing...

Company, Casnovia, New York. Okay, they're in lies a road trip. Yeah, I think so. Now. So here's the deal, Jim. We've had that amazing sour from rising storm, just head an amazing IPA from them. So I think what else today have? Its time for us to do a little exploring with this this beer vender. Now, last week we took grilled this on the road to yes help the folks set big alice brewing newly minted and in they opened on the first two May. Yep, we did our podcast live right from the places they were working together it all. It was so much fun, good time in Geneva, New York right and it's going to be a wonderful place. It's it looks amazing. They have a little stage inside. They're doing a couple of stages outside, they got an area for food trucks, big screen TV. Yeah, lots of games outside. We having had a chance to tour the brewing area. We saw the brute, the actual place where they actually make and brew the beer. We saw the whether make that kept their kettle sours and their regular beers. So yeah, it was we had a we had a great time and a great time, yes, a great time. I want to thank all the folks out there at Big Al's brewing in Geneva. Check that out when you get a chance, because it's a wonderful place. You'll it's one of these places where you'll just like to go. It's like like cheers. You know where everybody's gonna know everybody right, I'll be great. It was great, yeah, but special. Thank you. That I think was Kyle Hurst and and Kelly. She joined us again. Yeah, we had a blast and I look forward to actually visiting there. Used to hang out sometime too. So yeah, you realize that Kelly would be here for everyone, and I know she would. She was. She was great. She's so much fun and so we drink like a girl. By the way, you can check that outdok, a girl kcom is your website. You check it out also. While we're doing that, while we're doing the promotions, I'll take the time to mention you can find real this wherever you get your podcast. I heeart spot of five, wherever you go. I recently visited Jim Salmoncom. So the link there. So it's on Jim salmoncom. It's on my site inside the markets radiocom. Also on my site and I think on yours too. There's a link to the youtube video, youtube production. I would I'd rather. I'd say the salmon ratch cowboy cooking show. Now leave US thirty nine minutes produced by myself, starring Mr Salmon. We had a we had a blast that day. We was very, very fun. We couple more coming up. We are working, we're in project progress of making some more a lot of food that day. So much fun. Yep, it's absolutely so much fun. You know, everybody has this kind of dream that they want to be a movie actor, TV actor, and I know I'm I'm short and ugly and I could lose thirty pounds and whatever. I got the same problem, but you know it. But it was so much fair fun and it's one of those bucket list things that I always wanted to knock off, and everybody, I know my family, everybody thought, you know, what are you talking about? You're nuts, but it was one of the coolest things. Yeah, and you are a pro, but oh, seriously, stop you, you you know the lights, you know the stuff, you know and and of course you probably have a student loanside. Yeah, I'm not paying for a long time, so that's great. So Anyway, Matt Wilson, expert producer of the Salmon ranch cowboy cooking show, which you can you can watch out on, out on, as my friend the reverend mother says on the Youtube. Man, I am not disappointed with this podcast at all. Yeah, food was great, the Beers are phenomenal. The SMOLLDELLA was actually decent. Wasn't that bad? This custard cremail was delicted it out of the part up and this IPA boy. Yeah, I'm telling you, I think we've we've eaten and we drink pretty well today we did. Yeah, and we are honored that you take the time out of your day to listen to this podcast, and we'd be honored even further if you would suggest it to everybody in your family. And all the people you know. And if you have a tenzero person email list, blast out grill less podcast everywhere. You get your podcast. I appe. I have kids I have to put through school. So we did. We preselt be out. Matthew, you're the best that ever lived. Oh, I appreciate it. Jim, the pork was amazing. I'm glad that you enjoyed the beer. Hey, we'll do it again next week. Enjoy your single. Do not but the mail. I bet you many beers. Be Safe, though, just you know, be safe, but you're having fun out there. And Jim, the port was amazing. Next week we will have those ribs here. Okay, we'll try those out next week. Sounds Great. Don't miss one episode of Grill This.

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